VOLCANO Vaporizer Reviews

Customer Feedback

From M: Thanks very much!

P.S.  My volcano is now about 6 years old and still working fine.  An excellent investment!

Customer Comment

From MM: “Thank you for your service above and beyond the call. Your courtesy and efficiency were totally great. I can’t express my appreciation enough. I love the volcano and recommend it to my friends. Now after my experience with your service I feel like I can do so without reservations.”

Customer Review

From DR: “A long overdue THANK YOU for the awesome service on our Volcano. THANK THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE AT STORZ-BICKEL for they saving the day.

When my ducks get in a row, or my numbers on the lotto tonight i’ll be buying several volcanos.
Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas gift?  I know several that would be eternally grateful.  As I am to you.”

Customer Review

From GK: Let me start out by saying this is the best Vaporizing product on the market. I am more than pleased with the performance and longevity of this machine. I have tried countless other vaporizing products, and none come close to the performance of the Volcano. I will continue to use and purchase Storz & Bickel products with confidence and the assurance of a guaranteed quality product.

Customer Review

From RM: “Thank you so much for the fantastic service!!! I will highly recommend your products to other people!!!
The volcano is the best invention since the wheel I love it thanks again”

One World Futbol: Football For All

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Excellent Customer Support

Dear VOLCANO People,

I am writing to thank you for fixing my VOLCANO. The switch had come loose and you helped me without too much fuss. I thought it might cost me a lot, but you did it for free.

When I got it back from you, I thought it was the wrong machine because it looked new! But you had just cleaned it up and it looked really nice. Thank you so much!!!

PC – Rock Spring


The outstanding performance of the VOLCANO has set the benchmark for quality since 2000. We are pleased to extend the warranty of the VOLCANO DIGIT to 3 years. The durability and long-life of the VOLCANO exceeds even our expectations.

The extended warranty is complimentary and is prorated retroactively for all VOLCANO DIGITS sold previously – own a VOLCANO DIGIT, it has a 3 Year Warranty since the day you bought it. It is quality that creates satisfied customers – this is our top priority!